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Day 14: Finishing Strong!


It’s been a rigorous and productive two weeks, but it’s not over yet! Today is the last day of the Pensole 2013 workshop. This is what our two weeks’ worth of work comes down to: final presentations with industry designers and guests. The anticipation and dread is building up in the studio. Everyone is busy preparing for the big night tonight.

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Team Adidas:

In the morning, Susan is making last changes to her model. Seth is making the universal package for our team. Diane is arranging the layout for the presentation board. Our amazing leader Kristina is overseeing everyone’s work and helping us get ready.


Issac is making all the podiums for his team.

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After lunch, everyone scrambles to get their presentation boards up and clean up begins. We spent the next hour and a half sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming and polishing the studio. The studio is restored to what it was before.



By 4:15pm, all the boards and podiums are up and the studio is sparkly clean!


One last order of the day before presentations: Dwayne’s daily pep talk.

Dwayne’s Daily 5:

Good Habit: Make time to become mentors. Our job is to prevent others from walking into the same holes we walked into.

As designers, we’ve ran into lots of walls! We all, at some point, got stuck and wish someone could give us advice. As mentors, we can be those advice-givers for someone else. Dwayne told us his personal experiences and gave us suggestions so that we don’t have to make the same mistakes he did. Dwayne mentors us in hopes that we can pass on what we learned to our Art Center peers. In this way, Pensole can not only influence all of us but also future generations of footwear designers. More students can benefit from Pensole. There are many benefits to mentoring. Mentors become more proficient in their fields when they help others. By giving help, they reinforce what they have learned. Thus, they are more careful about the knowledge they pass on. They will make sure the information is correct before they teach others, and they will better command their professional skills. In addition, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. As Confucius said, “In a group of three people, there is always something I can learn from. Choose to follow the strengths of others, use the shortcomings to reflect upon ourselves.” Even if you are the mentors, there is always something you can learn from your students.

Bad Habit: Sometimes we get too excited about the first designs we came up with. Explore and don’t treat the first design as the last.

As designers, we stubbornly get married to our first brainchild. This is a universal weakness among young designers. Sometimes we come up with an idea and think that no other idea can be better. We are reluctant to think of more ideas because we unconsciously take the first idea as the best solution. Therefore, getting excited by the first design becomes the obstacle that prevents you from moving forward. A design strategy to create innovative ideas is this: throw out the first fifteen ideas. Those are trash. After cleaning our mental palette, our minds are fresh and ready to innovate. That’s when the create solutions come.

Book: Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living


“Striking Thoughts: Bruce Lee’s Wisdom for Daily Living is an unparalleled volume of Lee’s own writings on the wisdom that he used to shape his extraordinary life. Editor John Little, in the tradition of Tuttle’s other Bruce Lee Library titles, uses his unprecedented access to Lee’s writings to cull the words of the legendary martial artist, actor, and philosopher into this soulful, personal collection. Striking Thoughts is a diverse record of the thoughts and observations that Bruce Lee put on paper in his lifelong quest for self knowledge. Lee’s personal thoughts on life are a unique blend of traditional eastern traditions and modern western ideals. John Little distills the essence of Lee’s writings on all aspects of life, including Existence, Achievement, Art, and Personal Liberation. Consider some of Lee’s elegant thoughts.” (Source: www.amazon.com)

Inspirational Website: Your Website

For the past two weeks, we received an inspirational website each day. Dwayne urged us to sign up for newsletters from these design/business-related websites so receive inspiration daily and get our creative juices flowing. Inspiration should be internal and external. We should be inspired by others and we should inspire ourselves. But most importantly, we should also inspire others. Let our website be an inspiration for others.

Leadership thought:

“I’m not number one. I’m number one, two, three, four and five.” – KRS One

In his song “Step Into a World,” KRS One raps, “I’m not sayin I’m number one, uhh I’m sorry, I lied / I’m number one, two three, four and five.” He’s got some pretty big ego for saying that, but it’s definitely a mentality we should adopt. We should never be satisfied with the level of work we produced. We should constantly strive to be better.


During this last meeting, Dwayne presents everyone a Pensole Footernity T-shirt and a golden pencil (for use during special emergencies only).

12 13


Before the presentation, our Product Design department chair Karen gives us a quick run-through of things to present along with some words of encouragement. Our team, Team Adidas, is presenting first, followed by Under Armour and then Nike. Everyone has two minutes to introduce his/her design. Guests will give critiques after based on their presentation.

Team Adidas’s presentation begins with Kristina introducing the team’s topic “The Future Renegade” and the brand story while pitching her personal color and material project as brand manager of Adidas. She has created her own mood boards (color and material boards) for each of the topic for Team Adidas: Bossaball, caving, tree-/pole climbing, and log rolling.

Her presentation is followed by Diane Chiang (Bossaball), Daniel Kim (Caving), Susan Zhang (Tree/Pole Climbing), and Seth Weissman (log rolling). The group presentation closed after a quick critique from a few Adidas designers.

Team Under Armour took a different approach for presentations. The team has weaved together two personas, Gianna and Ethan, both with a rich storylines, to present their shoe designs. Presentation Order: Erick Ikeda (Gymnastics), Louis (Double Dutch), John Cao (Ice Hockey), Eliana Feigelstock (Kickball), Jacqueline Bae (Jujitsu), and Rachel Choung (Bootcamp).

Team Nike’s theme was “Discovering New Frontiers.” The team was divided into sub-teams: Jordon, Sportwear, Wintersports, and N7. Presentation Order: Anastasia Hanan (Flight Attendant’s Heels), Tianyi Sun (Chef), Dahye Lim (Luge), Thomas Belhacene (Motorcycle Boots), Sean Whelan (Air Jordan), and Issac Oaks (Sustainable Slides).


Daniel Kim & Team Adidas presenting


Erick Ikeda & Team Under Armour Presenting


John Cao presenting his ice hockey shoe


John Acevedo, designer from Adidas, critiques Thomas’s motorcycle boot.


Susan Zhang & her final model


Thomas Belhacene presenting his motorcycle boot

24 25 26  28 29 31 32  34 35 36 37 38

After our presentations, Karen hosts a panel with three footwear designers (former Art Center alumni) on their careers after Art Center and their outlook on design responsibilities .

39 40

Guests are free to mingle afterwards.


Everyone is grateful to Suzette for her generous and professional help on colors and materials.


After Presentation Clean-Up


Pensole Family 2013


Thanks for an awesome experience everyone!

-Diane and Susan


Day 13: FUEL


Good Habit: 90 day goals  /  Work Back Schedule

Bad Habit: Too much time on the computer

Book of the Day: Believe to Achieve  –  Howard H White

Website: http://www.wwd.com

Leadership Quote:

“There are three essentials to leadership: humanity, clarity and courage.”   –  Fuchan Yuan


We have floored our design engine for the past 300 hours and 24 hours from now we will cross the finish line.

our fuel along the way:


thank you pit crew,

Isaac Oaks

Day 12: Get it done!

It’s the beginning of the last week here at Pensole, and the momentum is only getting faster. We all have been working hard through the weekend to meet the deadline for this coming Wednesday. Some of us are even living the Art Center life out here in Portland, staying up all night and working away at the Pensole Studio. The clock is ticking, and the pressure is on. Dwayne pointed out our sense of urgency during our morning meeting and told us that we need to display our sense of urgency much sooner whenever we start projects. It seems we all have a lot of time management to work on. Something to always improve on.

Going over the schedule for the day, we had two main events for the day:

1. Trip to Adidas Village

2. Our meeting with Suzette for CMF (Color, Materials, and Finish) consulting.

With our recent trip to both Nike campus and Nike Town thanks to Dwayne, many of us were interested in seeing what the competition would be like. We were set to be at Adidas by 11:30, and already we had so much to do before our leave.

It was a little weird working in the studio this weekend with Dwayne and not receiving our Daily 5. So it was nice to get back into our groove. I have been finding Dwayne’s Daily 5 to be very encouraging and inspiring. It really is a great way to start the day. I am more conscious of the bad habits now, and try to apply as much of the good habits throughout each day.


Good Habit – Daily injection of inspiration.

As designers, there are those times when we need to be inspired. Much of what we do not only is focused to improve the way things work, but many times the work we do inspires the people around us. It is important for designers to take a step back time to time and look around.  We should always be in a constant state of learning. Learning new things pushes us as designers to be more well informed, and to constantly push our innovative and creative thinking. Dwayne has found subscriptions to various design websites to be helpful for him when it comes to gaining inspiration. This is a good way to build and develop a library for inspiration. All this can be saved in your email, and can be pulled out whenever you need them.

When I think of the word inspiration, I automatically think images. For some time I have been using sites like Pinterest as a source of finding inspiration. However, most times I find myself using these kinds of websites for visual inspiration. I think that it is just as important to constantly read as much as we search for inspirational images. Inspirations are available it us in various ways. It is important for us to take advantage of all opportunities.

Bad Habit – Forgetting the goal of product design is to improve, nor just making it different.

Often times, designers forget why they are designing. There are various types of design, but in my time at Art Center, I have learned that Product Design is a different discipline because of what Dwayne mentioned above. I have learned that it is not enough to just make something different. It is our goal to find solutions to the problems that exist within a product. I believe that there is always something to improve. The products we design will automatically become different as long as we seek to improve already existing designs.

Book of the Day – Discover  Your Genius, by Michael J.Gelb


When I think about word genius, I am reminded of the words diligence and focus. I believe that geniuses are made through effort. There are those unique cases where a child is born gifted with extreme intelligence or a skill-set. However, I strongly believe that the true gift of a genius is not from birth or genetics, but from their level of focus. If people can focus hard enough on what it they want, they too will become a genius in the field that they are interested in.

Website : Fast Company – Design.co



At first glance, a lot of what is posted on this website does not seem cohesive. It comes off as somewhat random. However, when reading through some articles, this website explores inspiring stories of business and innovation through the lens of design. There are stories and stories of what’s trending or what has succeeded in the design world. I came across a pretty relevant article for all of us who are getting more involved with the CMF world. The article has a lot to do with what we were able to see over the weekend at Nike Town.

Have a look!


Leadership Quote:  “A leader is the one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way

– John Maxwell

When I first heard this quote, I felt a little bit of pressure. I have made it my goal to become a leader in my industry. I imagine the leader in this story is a leader with many skill-sets, especially a lot of experience and a lot of wisdom. “A leader is a the one who knows the way.” Knowing comes with experience. Experience is something that is developed over time and effort, through both success and failure. “A leader is the one who goes the way.” Taking the experience the leader has gained, builds up into the next step which is confidence. Whether many people consciously know it or not, moving forward requires a level of confidence. Being a risk taker, and understanding that it will be difficult. “A leader is the one who shows the way.” Lastly, the leader in this story is not only awesome from his/her experience and confidence, but he/she is even more awesome because he/she is selfless. He/she shares what he/she has gained from the experiences. Teaches others to become confident, and finds followers. Again, it’s a lot of pressure, but it will be awesome to reach this goal.

Dwayne’s Daily 5


Consultation with Suzette: Team Adidas


It’s been about a week since we last met with Suzette. All the teams had prepared their own ideas of CMF, ready to present to Suzette. We each had about 15-20 minutes with Suzette to find the best materials, colors, and finishes for the shoes we designed.


During our session, Suzette had asked each one of us to look through a table full of swatches of materials that we found appropriate and interesting.



It finally happened. One of us was late to class today. Since the first day of class, Dwayne informed us about his policy on tardies. He told us that there will definitely be at least one person who will be late to class, Dahye unfortunately was the first. It’s been rough for everyone since our deadlines are right around the corner. Dahye owed Dwayne 200 push-ups (5 Push-ups per every minute you are late) but resorted to some other weird exercises since she couldn’t deliver all 200. Let’s be on time tomorrow everyone! 😀


With finals in a couple days, many of us have moved into building a mock up of our designs. John is carving away at the clay he got from Blicks earlier. His Ice Hockey Goal Keeper boot seems to be coming in nicely. We’re all pushing each other to finish our designs. Couple more days people! We can do it.


The focus is pretty intense. Now that most of our designs are flushed out, everyone is working at their own pace steadily. Nice sketches Thomas!

Adidas Village


With a 10 minute drive. We got to the Adidas Village.


Immediately we see the different styles of buildings and architecture between the two work campuses Nike, and Adidas. The campus is a little bit smaller compared to the Nike Campus, but there is a lot of character to the Village.


Welcomed with Adidas Branding in the lobby to the main entrance.


We were all distributed name tags to wear. With help from Dwayne, these tags helped us out at the Adidas Employee store.



One of the mantras that gives a Adidas a distinguishing characteristic. Adidas has a heavy focus on the athlete and their performance. They work to design shoes and apparel to improve their performance in style.


This room is pretty amazing. This is a testing room where Adidas’s Engineers and Sports Researchers work with athletes to adjust their new gear. Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard come here to test out a lot of their shoes and make not just functional but also aesthetic adjustments to their equipment. The man in the Blue Shirt is named Tom Hughes. He’s been working at Adidas for 25 years, and was with Adidas when a they opened up a branch in Portland.



On the lower level, is where a lot of mock up shoes are produced in-house. The materials that are stored here are from all over the world.


We found a pair of size 21 shoes. I had no idea that such a size exists. Apparently Dikembe Mutumbo (a retired NBA Player) wears a size 24. Apparently they plan to bring his shoe back as a classic very soon.


DSC01103 DSC01107 DSC01102 DSC01104

There’s a giant Adidas shoe on the Originals side of the campus. The shoe was the result of a competition that was held for artists and designers. The whole shoe was made from different materials (for example: the shoe laces were made out of a fire-hose), showing the creative thinking of designers and artists.


The history family tree of the Adidas line. Marks back all the way to the early 1900s – Present. Very impressive lineage with hundreds of shoes to count for.


Tom wrapped up the tour by having us seeing what the Adidas has in store for the future. The Marketing and Design team have worked well with each other for the future product line of Adidas. There are a lot of interesting and innovating products waiting to debut themselves to the world. We were fortunate enough to have such an experience. Thank you Dwayne! We had a great time.

Before heading back, several students stayed at the village to eat lunch and shop around at the employee store. Adidas Village Tour and shopping. What a successful and happy day.

Back to Work!


We hit the studio hard once we all got back. Time has been on the move, and many of us were anxious to get back on track. Here we have Seth working on his mock-up for his log rolling shoe. So far looking really nice.


The remaining groups had their sessions with Suzette to figure out their CMF. Luiz is learning from one of the best to pick the right materials for his jump rope shoes.




Everyone is really working so hard. There’s a really great energy here as everyone is focusing and working away to meet the deadline for Wednesday. There really is not much time left on the clock, and it’s a race against time, but all the teams are coming along and progressing towards the finish. I’m really excited not only for what my shoe will look like, but how everything will come together for all of us. Just a little bit more everyone! Let’s keep up the great work!

Daniel Kim.

Day 11: Going Strong

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!  Day 11 into the program and you can hear the energy and anticipation rise in the studio at Pensole.  Everyone has now made great strides on their own shoe designs and it is clear that with little time left we need to squeeze in as much work as we can before tomorrow.  We all know there is plenty of work to be completed and everyone is at varying states in their own designs from modeling, refining styling, creating orthographic views to selecting material stories.  We were all so grateful that Dwayne came in to guide our process even though it was a beautiful sunny Sunday.  Although we didn’t have our usual daily fives here are some thoughts that kick started my day in the studio:

Good Habit:  Encourage and challenge others working around and with you.

Bad Habit:  Following instructions too well and not spending enough time to reflect on your OWN DESIGN process.

Leadership Quote:  “I suppose leadership at one time meant muscles; but today it means getting along with people.”  -Mahatma Gandhi

We have to remember that our own success isn’t just because we put our heads down and worked through so many sleepless nights.  Most of our success at times is attributed to the small inputs of individuals around us that we call our team.  When I looked around the room it was obvious our blood pressures were beginning to rise with the looming deadline but, I was so encouraged at how often smaller groups of people came together to help one another ideate, encourage, and critique each other’s work.  This time there were no exercises, no lectures, just work, work, work.


10 minutes into the day, everyone working independently in their work space.

Shortly into the morning our TA Kristina informs us that the order in which we will be meeting with Suzette and what we will need to prepare beforehand.  Most of our group have had limited experience with CMF so it was critical that we spent a good portion of our day thinking about the material hero in our product along with our overall brand identity.  


Kristina and Erick giving us a quick tip on preparing for our meeting with Suzette. Stressing the importance of meeting as a team to get feedback.

Pensole treated us to a magnificent break where walked over to the Nike store to do some shopping.  🙂


Our walk to the Nike store could not have been more pleasant.



The Michael Jordan statue that was allegedly “borrowed” from Jordan headquarters for the nike store grand opening.


It is one thing to see these shoes online but then to see and play with them in person brought a whole another level of excitement!


When asked what she bought Susan immediately opened her bag to show me her beautiful new shoes.


Everyone walked out of the store with such elated faces and fistful of shopping bags.

When we returned back to the studio the energy and excitement from shopping carried over to our workspaces.  People were creating small clusters of workstations and pooling together different ideas on solutions for each design.  


Work begins to spew over into each other’s workstations as teammates collaborate and work together.


Luis demo’s his new Cintiq as the other students hover over and watch his work in progress.

Some of the team members were privileged to try out the newest Cintiqs and Wacom tablets.  This meant that while some were working in analogue a couple individuals could render their designs digitally.   


Jacqueline moving back and forth between sketching solutions and creating quick prototypes to test her ideas on a rubber foot.


Other students worked on transferring design lines from one view to another to create orthographic views.


Isaac meeting with Dwayne to go over his complex design concept.


Seth video documents his process in balancing and rolling the water jug to experience the physical needs of his user, a log roller!


As Thomas waits to meet with Dwayne he makes small design changes on any surface he can draw.


Dahye making herself comfortable as she work.


Material negatives that double as intriguing wall patterns.


I have started the clay modeling process to test my design lines in 3D.


Happy Cinco de Mayo!

At the end of the work day, we can’t ignore the fact that after all it is Cinco de Mayo.  After a very prolific day of work, the gang heads back into the streets to enjoy the Portland vibe and relax before doing the same thing all over again the next day.  One thing that I consistently noticed throughout today’s work day was that even amongst the high level of work energy (anxiety) there were many moments where students were working with one another and bouncing around different ideas.  Everyone was responsible for their own work but the sense of responsibility and respect extended to the work of their peers and teammates.  I found this profoundly beautiful.  It is rare for us at Art Center to have our own open studio where we have our own space where we can express our individual style of working and thinking.  Pensole has given us this unique opportunity to share with each other our design process 24/7.  As I look around me I can say we are all to very unique in our work styles but we have each grown immensely since the day we started.  I am grateful that I can work so hard and at the end of the day enjoy a good, cold, portland brew and reflect on this day while looking forward to the day ahead.  Thank you Pensole!

-Rachel Choung

Day 10: Nitty Gritty Saturday

Saturday started off a little later than usual (11 AM), but took off quickly as we forego the usual morning meeting and dive right into design. We split off into our teams to catch our teammates up on our progress from the previous day as well as receive feedback on our projects. Our goal for today was to start narrowing down our designs from top six to top three to get us closer to our finals. Today will be the day we start getting into the nitty gritty details of our projects.

photo (23)

(Above) Team Nike discussing the aesthetics and manufacturing of Isaac’s “30%”shoe.

photo (24)(Above) Rachel from team Under Armour giving Erick feedback on his gymnast shoe.

After we touched base and got some great feedback from our teammates we broke off again to work on the next iteration of our designs. D’Wayne floated from student to student imparting his wisdom and experience on:

photo (29)

(Above) Our concepts and stories,

photo (30)

(Above) construction and function,

photo (31)

(Above) and form development.

After narrowing down the elements that we wanted on our shoe, we started doing mock ups out of masking tape over lasts and foot forms to further understand and adjust our design in 3D.

photo (25)

(Above) Here Dahye is modeling over her own foot to understand the details of her bobsled shoe.

photo (35)

(Above) Jacqueline sews together sandwich mesh to test out the fitting of her vale tudo fighting shoe.

photo (32)

(Above) Seth is figuring out the graphics and construction of his log rolling shoe.

photo (33)The process of translating sketches into 3D has been integral in helping us figure out how our shoes are constructed and how lines move and wrap around a form. Many of us had to readjust our designs because they didn’t translate well in 3D.

photo (34)

We have three hefty days of design left and many more pencil shavings to add to this vase.

After a long day in the studio, we headed out to grab a late dinner at Pok Pok to unwind and prepare for another heavy day of thinking and making.


photo (28)We only have three short days left to wrap up our projects so every second has become precious. I have a feeling a lot of long nights and crashing on the studio couch will be happening. Wish us luck!

Tianyi out.



On the 3rd day of May, everyone got to the studio on time and put their work up on the wall. As always we started with Dwayne’s daily 5:

Good habit: As designers we should never settle; our design can always be better.

Bad habit: Disorganized, in mind and space. (Mind) How we think sometimes in a state of confusion, we talk before we think about what is the best way to deliver our thoughts. (Space): We all have issues keeping our work and work space clean and organized.

Website: http://www.core77.com

ImageWe can be inspired by other products, let other stuff (not your product) inspire you. Core77 has a great selection of books (construction, packaging, graphics), apparel, luggage, footwear, etc to be inspired b.

Leadership thought: “What you do has far greater impact than what you say” – Stephen Covey. We should always do less talking, and more action, and let our actions speak for us.

Book: Decoded – jay z


A collection of lyrics and their meanings that together tell the story of a culture, an art form, a moment in history, and one of the most provocative and successful artists of our time. We can also be inspired by how people write. Jay Z thinks process, pictures, and we appreciate the craft of his book.

Today’s in-class lecture

Packaging: Packaging for our product should never be just a “box“. There are many ways where we can put fresh and interesting design into a package, whether it’s a podium for children to set the shoes on, or use shoelaces to package the box. Packaging is a design element with visual communication. “Your visual communication shows who you are,” said Dwayne.


Process: “If your process isn’t changing over a period of time, something’s wrong with it.” If our process doesn’t change, we are not improving in a sense of evolving. Our process needs to have a constant state of evolution. For every product, we should always break it down into quarters, and take one part at a time. Make sure we spend the equal amount of time on what is most important.


Time management: time management is a part of the process. “You don’t have time to spend eight hours on rendering in the real world; you have to get it out the door!” It’s not the best thing that’s going to be presented out the door, however it is actually for us deliver our best work in a limited amount of time. “Come to solutions quick, if the process is broken, you’re not going to have a good solution in the end, if you have to make a shoe for $40, you have to figure out how to make the best $40 shoe on earth.”Image

Then we separated into our own groups to discuss our packaging, CMF (color, material, finishes), and layout for final presentation boards.



After group discussion, we all went back to our table and continued on sketching out more ideas for our concept. Dwayne walked around and talked to us individually and made sure we are on the right track.


Dwayne helped us sort out some of the problems we really need to dig into and develop a wide variety of solutions that solve the problems differently.Image

Some of our very interesting looking walls:

Thomas cutting out little post-its to highlight information on his wall of sketches.

double-dutch image with Under Armour logo Image

Issac’s sustainable shoe mockup up on the wallImageImagePlaying around with different shapes and forms.ImageImage

All the pencil shavings stored into the glass vase.Image

After getting down more ideas, some of the team members started laying out their drawings and getting opinions on which one of their concepts their teammates liked the most. We categorized our footwear parts into upper and sole and started getting votes from our teammates. ImageImageDwayne went around again after we laid out our pages out and worked us through specifically what’s working and what’s not.ImageImage

We also got a visit to the studio upstairs in the afternoon.ImageMaterials that we can use to make our models.Image

Looks like Seth found something useful.Image

At the end of the day, we were clear on what we needed to work on. Take a shower and get some good sleep. Tomorrow’s Saturday, but hey, we gotta manage our time well. 4 days left from our final presentation, Count down starting soon!

John Cao

Day 8 of Pensole

For this second day of May, a beautiful day was ahead of us here in Portland. Most of us got to the studio bright and early, eagerly waiting to post our work up on the walls. As usual, we started with cleaning the studio, and gathered all together in the center for D’Wayne’s daily 5.

0 12blog

D’Wayne started with the fundamentals of teamwork, and its importance in our industry. Team communication and feedback is key to produce better projects. We were also reminded to always focus on how a product works, problem solving rather than just styling.

Today’s good habit: described to us in one word :


[hyoo-mil-i-tee or, often, yoo-] Show IPA


the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.
Always being humble as a designer, never broadcasting “how good you think you are” is an important aspect of respect among designers. If you are good at what you do, other people will do the broadcasting for you.
Today’s bad habit: Not understanding that a design is not yours, but the company you work for. You are never designing for yourself.
Today’s book: “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho.
Today’s Website: http://www.selectism.com/
Today’s leadership thought: “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others” – Bill Gates
The first instructions of the day were to go around each one of our group members, come up with 2 solutions to problems existing in their products and sketch them out for them. This is an interesting exercise that reinforces team bonding and helps come up with new, fresh ideas from an outsider’s point of view. We all know that we can become blind to the most evident problems, when too much time is spent on one project.
7 6 3
Everyone took their place at their new, team grouped workspace. Some tables were equipped yesterday with some brand new WACOM Intuos 5 tablets and Cintiqs, thanks to the wonderful people at WACOM!! We could finally start doing some digital work.  While this was happening, D’Wayne was going around criting us individually, helping each one of us to make sure we were going in the right direction.
13 9 4 5
Lunch time came around and most people went their own ways, to their favorite lunch spots around the studio.
After lunch, some of us were asked to get interviewed by the WACOM team for a short video they were making about their products and Pensole. Interviews went for about 30 minutes in a professionally set up space. It was an interesting experience to share out thoughts about a wonderful product we use on a daily basis, and we were glad to give back to them for the tablets they provided us.
The rest of the day went pretty much like in a real design studio, where designers collaborated on ideas and each one of us dove deep in our projects. D’Wayne went around a second time to see how everyone was doing.
10 12
The pressure is building up here at Pensole. We are less than a week away from the final presentation and our projects are finally taking shape. Soon the materials will be chosen and the mock ups will be built. Exciting times ahead, keep checking the blog regularly as more exciting things will be posted soon.
Thanks to all and cheers,
Thomas Belhacene